• Ayurvedic Constipation Powder

Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Constipation Powder

Pet Saffa Natural Constipation Powder is a unique blend of natural carminative herbs which are described as Rasayana in Ayurveda. The herbs used in formulations are gentle to the walls of organs, does not produce any severity & complications. Each Person experience constipation differently and symptoms for constipation are different for everyone, from which some symptoms are:

  • Difficult and Painful Bowel Movement
  • Dry & Hard Stools
  • Straining and gripping
  • Gas, bloating, stomach discomfort
  • Feeling of incomplete evacuation after a bowel movement
  • Having fewer than 3 bowel movements per week

Constipation can be due to adaption of wrong lifestyle and diet as well as excessive use of medication and psychological changes. Constipation isn’t a serious problem, but it can cause various ailments. So, it become necessary to get relieve from constipation. In such conditions you can use Pet Saffa Ayurvedic laxative powder. Pet Saffa powder works in a gradual manner during overnight to relax the metabolic system of the body. Pet Saffa Laxative granules helps to provide relief from pain and difficulty during bowel movement including relief from gas, bloating, Stomach discomfort and incomplete evacuation. Pet Saffa Natural Laxative powder helps to produce predictable relief from constipation and gastric reflux.

Is Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Constipation Churna good for health?

Yes, it is safe to use and good for health. Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Laxative powder is gluten free and sugar free and don’t cause any type of addiction or adversity. You can take pet saffa powder in night before going to bed along with luke warm water. So, that it can work gradually in night and helps in easy evacuation of bowel movement in morning. Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Granules contain herbs such as Ajwain, Triphala, senna and many more which work in synergistic manner without interfering the wall of intestine or metabolic pathway.

What are the Advantages of Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Powder for Constipation over the Other Available Products in Market?

There are number of laxative products available in the market among them, most of the products cause addiction and acidity. Apart from these types of products, we have formulated a Pet Saffa laxative powder and granules, which are safe to use, sugar free and Gluten free. Pet Saffa laxative granules are one of the best laxative powder available in Indian Market which help to relieve from constipation, gas, bloating, and heart burn and soften the stool in intestine. Pet Saffa Natural laxative Powder work in a natural manner and doesn’t produce any type of adversity and side-effects in the body.

How to reduce acidity and gas problem with pet saffa natural constipation powder?

If you want to relieve from acidity, heart burn and constipation then use Pet saffa Ayurvedic laxative powder which help to relieve from all constipation related problems without interfering in metabolic system. Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Powder helps to soften the dry and hard stools. Pet Saffa laxative granules are work as stimulants for bowel muscles and accumulate water in the intestine which leads to soften stools and easy evacuation of bowel movement.

How to use Pet saffa constipation powder?

5-10 Gms of Pet Saffa Laxative powder can be taken with luke warm water but should be swallowed whole. Do not take Pet Saffa Laxative powder with dairy products or antacids.

How To Buy Pet Saffa Natural Laxative Powder For Constipation?

Pet Saffa Constipation Powder is available in multiple outlets in India. You can easily buy them on your nearby medical store. If it is not available on your nearby store then feel free to call us at our helpline number. You can also buy Pet saffa Natural Constipation Powder on our website i.e.; “ www.petsaffa.com ” or on our online store “ www.divisastore.com/petsaffa ” . For more info call us: 0171-3055233

Is There Any Side Effect of Pet Saffa Ayurvedic Laxative Powder?

Pet saffa Natural laxative powder is a unique blend of 11 Ayurvedic herbs that are widely used from ancient times to relieve from constipation. Pet Saffa Natural laxative granules are based on Ayurvedic formulation, it is completely free from adversity and doesn’t cause blotting, gas buildup, stomach discomfort and urgency.

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